Tallest papaya tree

Tallest papaya tree
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Gilberto Franz, Tarcísio Foltz
14.55 metre(s) metre(s)
Brazil (Nova Aurora)
02 September 2021

The tallest papaya tree measures 14.55 m (47 ft 8.83 in) and belongs to Tarcísio Foltz and Gilberto Franz (Brazil), as verified in Nova Aurora, Paraná, Brazil, on 2 September 2021.

In May 2021, Tarcísio Foltz, the current owner of the farm where the Papaya tree is located, was the first person to notice how big the plant was. He invited the former owner Gilberto Franz to check it out. Gilberto provided a provisional measurement of the tree using a GPS drone.

After three months, they returned to the woods to officially measure the papaya tree, with the support of a qualified local surveyor.

The plant had its size reduced by almost two metres due to a frost that burned the leaves and branches. However, the Papaya tree was still alive and still very tall! Achieving this record is a big honour for the local population.