Most expensive cognac sold at auction
Cognac Croizet Hong Kong Limited (China)
1000000 UK pound(s) sterling
China (Shanghai,The Swatch Art Peace Hotel)

The most expensive cognac was an 1858 bottle of Pre-Phylloxera Cognac called Cuvee Leonie which was sold at auction by Cognac Croizet Hong Kong Limited (China) for 1,000,000 CNY (£101,293.75) at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, in Shanghai, China, 24 September 2011. The auction took place in Shook Restaurant which is located in The Swatch Art Peace Hotel and was officiated by China's biggest and most recognised auction house, The Shanghai International Commodity Auction Company LTD. The auction was organised by Alexander Shponko who is the President of Cognac Croizet Hong Kong Limited and Jason Gillot the President of International Marketing. There were 85 bidders and guests and the winning bidder was Ms Maggie Vong who purchased three bottles; Lot 001 Reserve Prive 35- From Croizet's private reserve for RMB 78,000, Lot 005 Cuvee Ouverture-Exclusive three bottle collection (released just from this auction) for RMB 90,800 and finally the most expensive bottle sold was the Lot 009 Cuvee Leonie- a Pre Phylloxera Cognac dating back to the single harvest of 1858 for RMB 1,000,000 The total amount for the three lots came to CNY 1,168,800.