Most Big Mac® burgers eaten in a lifetime

Most Big Mac® burgers eaten in a lifetime
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Donald Gorske
34128 total number
United States (Fond du Lac)
01 January 2024

The most Big Mac® burgers eaten in a lifetime is 34,128 and was achieved by Donald Gorske (USA), in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, on 1 January 2024.

Donald is a self confessed Big Mac enthusiast. "What makes me a Big Mac enthusiast is the hamburger. I knew I wanted to eat my favourite food, hamburger, every day. The best hamburger sandwich ever made was the Big Mac so that is what I wanted to eat every day. The main reason I stayed with this pursuit for so many years is that Big Macs are still my favourite food and I look forward to eating them every day."

"Did I ever think of having my last Big Mac? Yes where I’m on my death bed and my son gets a Big Mac for me as one for the road."

The biggest lesson that Donald has learned throughout his pursuit has been to keep spare Big Macs in the freezer because he can’t depend on McDonalds being open in a blizzard.

"The advice I’d give someone who would like to challenge my record title is 'don’t'. I’ll be dead before you could even challenge it. I’m blessed with a high metabolism and good health which allow me to eat Big Macs without gaining a lot of weight. I might be the only person alive who could eat Big Macs every day without ill effects."

Donald has tried other burgers but in his opinion nothing matches the mighty Big Mac. "I had one Burger King Whopper in 1984 and one Topper double burger in 1984. There are a lot of other burger chains that I have never had the desire to try."

"Being a Guinness World Record title holder is both flattering and humbling to me. When I got my first Guinness World Record book in 1970, I said “There’s one record that I could do – eat hamburgers every day.” In 1972 I ate my first Big Mac and have been counting every since. It took Guinness 25 years to recognize my record and now it could be one of Guinness’ longest continuous records ever. This was never a record for one day just to get into the record book but rather an every day record, day after day, now after more than 50 years of eating the same meal every day, I ask myself, “Where did the time go?"