Longest baby
"Babe", Anna Bates
241.3 centimetre(s)
United States (Seville)

Giantess Anna Bates (née Swan) (Canada, b. 6 August 1846; d. 5 August 1888), who measured 241.3 cm (7 ft 11 in), gave birth to a boy weighing 9.98 kg (22 lb) and measuring 71.12 cm (28 in) at her home in Seville, Ohio, USA, on 19 January 1879. The baby, who was not officially named but just referred to as "Babe", died 11 hours later.

The heaviest baby born to a healthy mother was a boy weighing 10.2 kg (22 lb 8 oz) who was born to Sig. Carmelina Fedele (Italy) at Aversa, Italy in September 1955.

Anna Haining Swan was born on 6 August 1846 at the Millbrook section of the community of New Annan, near the village of Tatamagouche, in the county of Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada, reportedly weighing 18 lb, but more likely 13 to 15 lb. Full grown, she reportedly reached 7 ft 11 in (241.3 cm); her husband, Martin Van Buren Bates, was born on 9 November 1837 and was reported to reach 7 ft 11 in, although was probably more likely 7 ft 9 in. They married at St Martins-in-the-Field in London on 17 June 1871. Combined heights: 15 ft 8 in.



It was reported that Francisca Ramos dos Santos (Brazil) gave birth by caesarean section to her son Ademilton who weighed in at 7.57 kg (16 lb 11.02 oz) on 18 January 2005 in Salvador, Brazil.

Christina Samane (South Africa) also gave birth to a 10.2 kg (22 lb 8 oz) child, but this was later disqualified, as the child suffered from Weaver syndrome, which causes excessive growth in children due to abnoramlities in parental genes.

On 3 June 1961, it was reported that a boy weighing 11 kg (24 lb 4 oz) was born to Mrs Sadaat Cor (Turkey). It was revealed in January 1978 however that, although relayed by a major news agency, no reliance can be placed on this report.