Largest make-up mural
Avon Kozmetik
51 square metre(s)
Turkey (Istanbul)
The largest make-up mural measures 51 m² (548 ft² 138 in² ) and was created by Avon (Turkey), in Istanbul, Turkey, from 25 September 2012 to 8 October 2012. The mural measured 17 m (55 ft) in length and 3 m (9 ft) in width. It was painted by 4 artists in 13 days. 11,379 of make-up products from AVON were used (eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation cream, Makeup brushes, mascara, nail polish…etc.) The mural was displayed for 1 week on the famous "Taksim Square" in Istanbul. It was measured by a qualified surveyor and in presence of 2 independent witnesses.