Most prolific role-playing game (RPG) videogame series
Final Fantasy
61 total number
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The most prolific RPG Videogame series is the Final Fantasy series, with 61 RPG games released within the franchise.

Though not all of its RPGs, such as Chocobo's Dungeon, carry the franchise name, many are still drawn from the franchise, featuring the characters, themes, and trademark spells and abilities. As well as this, there are many other non-RPG spinoffs within the franchise, from racing games such as Chocobo Racing to fighting games such as the Dissidia series.

Each Final Fantasy game is set within a wholly individual universe, and as such are not related to one another except by recurring motifs, such as the spells, items, and magical creatures. However, there is a single recurring character who is canonically the same individual throughout all games - the bumbling sword hunter, Gilgamesh.