Longest mini flying disc throw and catch on ice skates (male)
Rob McLeod
39.85 metre(s)
Canada (Edmonton)

The farthest throw, skate and catch of a mini flying disc while on ice skates by a male is 39.85 m (130 ft 9 in), set by Rob McLeod (Canada) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on 11 March 2018. The record was ratified by the World Flying Disc Federation.

McLeod holds multiple flying disc records including the longest time aloft for a mini flying disc thrown on ice skates, which he set on the same day: 6.40 sec. He also currently holds both of these titles set with a full-size flying disc on 17 February 2018: a distance of 92.4 m (303 ft 1.8 in) and a time aloft of 14.14 seconds.

As per WFDF regulations a "mini disc" can be no larger than 4.5 inches (11.43 cm) in diameter.