Most monthly listeners on Spotify (female)
Taylor Swift
100,000,000 total number
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On 29 August 2023, Spotify confirmed that Taylor Swift (USA) had become the first female artist to amass 100 million monthly listeners on their platform, thanks in part to the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and the continuing success of her Eras Tour. “Cruel Summer” (with 5.01 million plays), “august”, “Style”, “Blank Space” and “Anti-Hero” were all in Spotify’s Top 50 most played tracks on that date.

Swift was No.1 on Spotify’s “Daily Top Artists Global” chart throughout August, ending the month with a cumulative 680 days on the chart. “Blank Space”, “Cruel Summer” and “Anti-Hero” have all reached 1 billion streams on Spotify.

The singer’s five biggest listener hotspots are in Jakarta, Indonesia (2.85 million monthly listeners); London, UK (1.91 million); Quezon City, Philippines (1.46 million); Mexico City, Mexico (1.38 million); and Sydney, Australia (1.27 million). Spotify described Swift’s 100-million listeners accomplishment as “Queen behaviour”.

The Weeknd was the first artist to achieve 100 million monthly streams on Spotify, as announced on 27 February 2023. He had 108.48 million listeners as of 4 September 2023. Miley Cyrus held the previous female record, and had 70.53 million monthly listeners as of 4 September 2023. Rihanna had 75.27 million monthly listeners as of the same date.