Fastest 5 m crawl by a dog

Fastest 5 m crawl by a dog
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Wish, Emily Larlham
2.175 second(s)
United States (El Cajon)
01 December 2020

The fastest 5 m crawl by a dog is 2.175 seconds and was achieved by Wish and her trainer Emily Larlham (USA), in El Cajon, California, USA, on 1 December 2020.

Emily trained Wish the Border Collie the trick to crawl on the ground using Positive Reinforcement. First by reinforcing a small movement forward while Wish was in the down position and then building on that until she was crawling forward for longer durations. Emily then used a toy as the reward which increased how fast Wish crawled. For the attempt, Emily threw a Frisbee past the finish line, set Wish up at the start line and then cued Wish to crawl toward the Frisbee. After passing the Finish line, Emily then cued Wish to get the Frisbee as the reward for crawling.

Emily is most well known for her YouTube Channel 'Kikopup' where she has posted free dog training videos on how to teach dogs without physical or psychological intimidation for over a decade.