Fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit
Richard Browning
136.891 kilometre(s) per hour
United Kingdom (Brighton)

The fastest speed reached in a body-controlled jet-engine-powered suit is 85.06 mph (136.891 km/h) by Richard Browning (UK) of Gravity Industries at Brighton Beach in East Sussex, UK, on 14 November 2019.

The attempt was staged as part of the 2019 Guinness World Records Day celebrations, and saw Browning smash his own record of 32.02 mph (51.53 km/h) set two years earlier for GWR Day 2017. Improvements in the technology, and stabilizing fins on his legs, meant that Browning could reach much higher speeds than before. He made two attempts at the record on the day, achieving 78.50 mph (126.33 km/h) on his first flight and 85.06 km/h on his second. The speed was confirmed by Daniel Jones of Seiko Timing Services. Also present were Gravity Industries pilots Jamie Stanley and Ryan Hopgood, who joined Browning in a pyrotechnic aerial display prior to the attempt to demonstrate the manoeuverability of the jet suit.