Most views for a cat on YouTube
Puff, Lynch Zhang
7,532,180,184 view(s)
United States (New York City)

A ragdoll cat named Puff from New York City, USA, had accrued 7,532,180,184 views on his YouTube channel "That Little Puff" as of 21 April 2022. Owned by Lynch Zhang (USA), "Chef Puff", as he is now known, first rose to fame on TikTok off the back of his culinary-inspired videos where he appears to prepare and cook a variety of dishes. The YouTube channel launched on 29 August 2020.

The "That Little Puff" YouTube channel had 8.7 million subscribers as of the same date.

Puff, who will turn three years old in 2022, lives in Brooklyn, New York City, with owner Lynch and his brother, Ming. Also at home are Puff's mother, Chocolate, and six sibling ragdolls, all from the same litter. Puff had always shown an interest whenever food was being prepared in the kitchen, a habit which was brought into focus during COVID-19 lockdowns, which is when the owner struck upon the idea of turning his pet into a social-media star.

Puff first rose to prominence on TikTok where his profile (@thatlittlepuff) had 26.4 million followers as of 21 April 2022. He also had 1.9 million followers on Instagram.