Largest parade of electric scooters
Gogoro Taiwan Limited
1,303 total number
Taiwan, China (Taipei)

The largest parade of electric scooters is 1,303 vehicles and was achieved by Gogoro Taiwan Limited (Chinese Taipei) with all the riders on Gogoro scooters on a route between Taipei Bridge and Taipei City Hall in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, on 7 October 2018.

The total length of route which counted towards this record attempt was 4.2 km. The route itself was made up of main traffic roads in Taipei city. The parade commenced at around 5.15 am and was completed just before 5.40 am.

The parade formation was made up of four rows of scooters

Gogoro has been selling electric scooters in Taiwan since 2015. Taiwan has the third highest per capita ownership of motorcycles in the world. The Taiwan government offers financial incentives for the use of electric scooters in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. Gogoro has to date sold around 90,000 electric scooters in Taiwan.