Longest flying disc throw and catch on inline skates (male)
Rob McLeod
52 metre(s)
Canada (Calgary)

The farthest throw, skate and catch of a flying disc while on inline skates by a male is 52 m (170 ft 7.2 in), set by Rob McLeod (Canada) at Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 24 September 2022. The record was ratified by the World Flying Disc Federation.

At the same event, McLeod also set the inline-skates records for the maximum time aloft (9.78 seconds) and the highest-scoring self-caught flight (105.79 points).

On the same day, Ashley Wager (Canada) set the female records on inline skates at 16 m (52 ft 5.9 in), 5.28 seconds and 45.04 points.