Longest single game of Football Manager
Michał Leniec
221 total number
Poland ()

The longest single game of Football Manager was played for 221 in-game years as of 22 November 2017, and was achieved by Michał Leniec (Poland) on Football Manager 2016 (Sports Interactive). Real-life Lech Poznań fan Michał had managed his favourite club throughout the entire game but had also taken 35 different international roles, always simultaneously to his domestic career at Lech. His in-game manager was technically 258 years old! He had played 14,381 matches, winning 10,997 of them and losing just 1,720 – a win percentage of 76%.

Q&A with Michał Leniec

When did you begin your game?

I begun the game a few days after SI released FM2016, the middle of November 2015. So I spent over two years playing this record-breaking game.

How old are you?

If you ask about "artificial" me – I have 258 years, right now! But in real life I'm a little bit younger, just 38 years.

Are you a supporter of Lech in real-life?

Yeah, Lech is a club of my life. I have had a season ticket for years and I'm trying to be at every single match in Poznan.

What have been your biggest achievements or most memorable moments during your record-breaking game?

My goal is to train young players and introduce them to first team, almost the same as the real Lech Poznan.

Best moment in a game?

Definitely when my pupils (current or ex-players, but all from Lech Poznan Academy) were the starting eleven of (World) Team of the Year. Yeah – it's a pretty big achievement!

How does it feel to be a Guinness World Records title holder?

I treat this as a prize for my family, I always had FM running in the background so it was a challenge for my family too.