Fastest row across the Indian ocean by a team
Leven Brown, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Heather Rees-Gaunt, Tim Spiteri, Shane Ushar, Fiann Paul, Cameron Bellamy
57:10:58:00 day(s):hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Seychelles (mahe)
The fastest time to cross the Indian Ocean by a team is 57 days 10 hr 58 min by Leven Brown, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Heather Rees-Gaunt (all UK), Tim Spiteri, Shane Ushar (both Australia), Fiann Paul (Iceland) and Cameron Bellamy (South Africa), who rowed 4,208 miles (6,772 km; 3,656 nautical miles) from Geraldton, Western Australia, to Mahe, Seychelles, at an average speed of2,65 knots, between 11 June and 7 August 2014 on board Avalon.