Largest hot dog cart

Largest hot dog cart
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Marcus Daily
2.81/7.06/3.72/1.86 metre(s)
United States (Union,)
28 October 2015

The largest hot dog cart measures 2.81 m (9 ft 3 in) in width, 7.06 m (23 ft 2 in) in length, 3.72 m (12 ft 2.75 in) in height from the ground to the handle, and the wheels' diameter is 1.86 m (6 ft 1.5 in). This was achieved by Marcus Daily (USA), in Union, Missouri, USA, on 28 October 2013.

The giant hotdog cart has wheels measuring 6 ft 1.5 in (1.86 m) in diameter, and – per the traditional design – the sides are embossed with diamond-patterned quilted stainless steel.

The colossal push cart – and yes, it is movable – is a scaled-up stainless steel K-D Machine & Tool Model 300 that is three-and-a-half times the size of the original, as verified by a State of Missouri land surveyor.