Largest display of toothpick sculptures
Stan Munro
United States (Syracuse)

The largest display of toothpick sculptures consists of 101 sculptures and was created by Stan Munro (USA), verified at the Phelps Arts Center in Phelps, New York, USA, on 15 May 2014.

Stan spent over 10 years creating the sculptures and figures and he has used more than 3 million toothpicks and 75 gallons of glue. His display includes buildings from 37 countries, built to 1:164 scale, including the Temple of Heaven (China), Arc de Triomphe (France), MI-6 Headquarters (England), Burj Khalifa (UAE), Djenne Mosque (Mali), La Sagrada Familia (Spain), The Parthenon (Greece), Taj Mahal (India) and the White House (USA).