Largest collection of Superman memorabilia
Marco Zorzin
1,518 total number
United Kingdom (Wheathampstead)

The largest collection of Superman memorabilia belongs to Marco Zorzin (Brazil), and consists of 1,518 individual items, as of 14 February 2016.

Marco is such a big fan of Kal-El the last Kryptonian, that he actually changed his middle name to 'Superman'.

Explaining how it began, Marco said: “I have always been a fan. As young as three or four, I have memories of sitting with my dad watching the movies and waiting for him to appear. The first items I bought were three Eaglemoss Superman statues and, after that, I never really stopped.”

“Two things I’m still looking for are a Superman telephone and a life-size statue. Nothing would be better than walking into my house and being greeted by that.”

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