Thaneswar Guragai

Thaneswar Guragai is the General Manager at Seven Summit Treks, a Nepalese firm with an excellent track record in conducting mountain-climbing expeditions in the Himalayas, including to the Earth's highest mountain, Everest. With almost a decade's experience in the tourism and mountaineering sectors, Thaneswar has gained first-hand experience by trekking many important routes in Nepal and travelling to various basecamps to facilitate tourists during their trips. Since 2015, Thaneswar has maintained a record of mountaineers that have successfully reached the summit of Everest, as well as other peaks above 8,000 m (26,246 ft), essentially making him GWR's "man on the ground" in the Himalayas. He has also been supporting Sherpas, who sometimes find it difficult to get their incredible achievements verified. Additionally, Guragai belongs to several organizations seeking to promote Nepal, its mountains and its culture to the rest of the world.

Fastest ascent of the three highest mountains (female)

Viridiana Álvarez Chávez (MEX) climbed the world’s three highest mountains, all of which are in the Himalayas, in 729 days. She ascended Everest at 9.30 a.m. on 16 May 2017, K2 at 9.00 a.m. on 21 Jul 2018 and Kangchenjunga at 4.44 a.m. on 15 May 2019. She beat the previous record by three days.