Sam Willis

Dr Sam Willis is one of the UK's best-known historians. He has made more than 10 TV series for the BBC and National Geographic and has written more than 15 books, many of them on maritime and naval history. Sam is the presenter of two chart-topping history podcasts: Histories of the Unexpected and, for those interested in the history of the sea, The Mariner's Mirror Podcast.

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Deepest shipwreck

The deepest shipwreck found to date is the USS Samuel B. Roberts ("DE-413") located at 6,865 metres (22,523 feet) off Samar Island in the Philippine Sea. The World War II destroyer escort was rediscovered by explorer and retired US Navy officer Victor Vescovo (USA) and French sonar specialist Jeremie Morizet on 22 June 2022 during a series of exploratory dives in the DSV Limiting Factor.