Jonas Livet

With a Master's degree in Conservation Biology from the prestigious Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology in Canterbury, UK, Jonas Livet is founder of the website Les Zoos dans le Monde, which allows everyone to benefit from the experience gained by his visits to more than 1,500 zoological parks worldwide; the project has also earned him the GWR title for most zoos visited (see below). Since 2011, Jonas has been involved in assisting and advising zoological projects which are encompassing the management and the exhibition of live animals. He is currently the Chief Executive and Project Officer for Fox Consulting.

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Most zoos visited

The most zoos visited by an individual is 1,215 and was achieved by Jonas Livet (FRA), as of 6 February 2020. In his 30 years of travels, he has visited zoological institutions in around 50 different countries. He has also visited 189 different aquaria as of the same date. The first zoo that Jonas visited in 1987, as a child, was Tierpark Berlin in Germany.