Photographic Evidence

Photographs are compulsory evidence for all record attempts as they should provide evidence that enables us to confirm the measurement achieved, that the guidelines have been adhered to and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses.

These images also allow us to celebrate your record breaking achievement; your record attempt has a much better chance of appearing in the renowned Guinness World Records book or on our website and social media channels if you supply us with interesting, high-quality photographs.

Johanna Quass - The oldest Gymnast

What must the photographs include?

The photographs are primarily a source of verification and they should therefore capture the significant moments of the attempt. The photographs should complement and mirror the moving images we see in the video evidence. You must therefore submit images showing us each stage of your record attempt; preparation, attempt and outcome. Within these stages they should capture any key moments such as the confirmation something is commercially available, the weighing of ingredients, the presence of your witnesses, and so forth.

Your photographs should:

  • Show variety - Include photographs from various angles and positions, and ones taken at different stages of the record attempt (start, during, end) 
  • Show a sense of scale - If your record involves a large gathering of people or a large object, you need to capture its large scale in your image 
  • Capture the action - Aim to capture the participants in action and in the act of attempting the record

How should my photographic evidence be submitted?

Your photographs must be clearly labelled with a description of what the images show, we ask that an index including a description of the images is submitted alongside your uploaded images.

Important information if you are taking your photos with an iPhone

The default setting on an iPhone is 'Highly Efficient'. which means all the photos you take will be be in an HEIC format. Our system currently can not process this format. Before you use an iPhone to capture your attempt you must change your iPhone setting from 'Highly efficient' to 'Most compatible' That way the images will be saved in the jpeg format which we will be able to process. To change the format please follow the instructions below.

How to change from HEIC on an iphone to JPG