Environmental Policy

Threats to our environment concern us all.

Discover how Guinness World Records strives every day for a more sustainable, eco-conscious production and distribution, with unwavering endeavours to achieve an even more environmentally friendly edition each year.


Guinness World Records always tries to shine an honest spotlight on the status of our Earth through spreads on wildlife and their habitats, recycling and plastic pollution to name a few.

However the fight for a better, more sustainable world impacts us all every day. 

At Guinness World Records, our commitment to improving our environment starts from the very foundations. 

That's why we ensure the Guinness World Records book is produced ethically and responsibly.

Production shot with Jane and Craig

Paper Procurement 

We use chain of custody certified paper and 100% of our books produced in 2020 were PEFC certified.

The annual book is 98% recyclable, containing PEFC accredited paper sourced in Finland and other paper products (boards, endpapers, and covers), endpapers and covers printed with vegetable-based inks, and packed in FSC accredited cartons.  

Supply Chain 

Our printer, Mohn Media, work with sustainable products and ensure that their production processes are environmentally sound.

They are ISO 14001 registered, which is the International standard for environmental management. As a company, they continuously strive to reduce their CO2 emissions and their innovative use of combined heat and power technology means that our books are produced using 52% less carbon compared to traditional energy consumption in Germany. Mohn have achieved this with the use of their own heat and power plant (CHP), which uses natural gas as the primary energy carrier and sells their un-used electricity back to the grid.

Mohn Media is part of the Bertelsmann Printing Group which has set itself the target of being climate neutral by 2030 through a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases, switching to 100% green electricity, and offsetting remaining emissions.

Looking to the future

We know there's still plenty we can do, so we are researching the wider sustainability of our entire supply chain and how it can be improved - from paper mills to printers to distributors worldwide and the transport that links each part of the chain.

We aim to improve every year, in the full respect of the environment.

Production of GWR book

 Do you want to know more about our continuous efforts towards sustainability, and how they impact our book production each year?

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