What's the mentor scheme?

Win the chance to be mentored by a Guinness World Records title holder! 
Sharing their stories and experiences, our record-breaking mentors will offer advice on how they achieved their goals and successfully pursued their passions.
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Do you have a goal, a hobby or a dream that you want to pursue?

Are you a dreamer?

Are you looking for a mentor who can offer you guidance and tips? 

Every day, at Guinness World Records, we aim to empower the record holders of tomorrow to embrace their skills and believe in themselves.

"For over 70 years, Guinness World Records has aimed to inspire the next generation of record-breaking superstars, no matter the barriers that may stand in their way," says Craig Glenday, Editor-In-Chief of Guinness World Records.

That is why SIX lucky winners between 11 and 18 years of age will have the chance to be mentored by a record holder via the new Guinness World Records Mentor Scheme!

The Guinness World Records Mentor Scheme 2023 is open for applicants between 11 and 18 years of age
from June 1 until June 18, 23:59 (BST).

Find out more about our amazing mentors and their records:

  • Jason AuldHeaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle
  • Jesse DuftonFirst blind person to lead a climb of Old Man of Hoy
  • Karenjeet Kaur BainsMost times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female)
  • Lee SpencerLongest distance rowed solo by an amputee
  • Martin ReesCompleting 20 magic tricks while submerged in a tank of water
  • Victoria EvansFastest female solo row across the Atlantic on the Trade Winds I route (open-class)

Did you know that most of them had no idea they would break a record, while they were growing up?

Their skills are outstanding and their abilities are amazing, but all of our superstars encountered challenges and difficulties at least once during their record-breaking achievements. 

Setbacks are part of the journey.

"My motto is 'go big or go home'," says magician and multiple-record holder Martin Rees today. However, when he first decided to turn his lifelong dream into reality, he never imagined that he would go on to break several nail-biting records.  

Each mentor will bring their skills and knowledge during individual sessions, sharing their experience to help ignite your imagination and boost your confidence.

Six mentors pictures smiling

Applications can be submitted via a parent or guardian through the form linked above. 

Each mentee will be paired with a mentor and receive up to four one-to-one sessions that will last up to an hour, conducted virtually via Zoom. 

During the sessions, the mentees will be free to explore their goals, receiving precious advices and guidance to keep a positive mindset. The mentors will also share their personal history and challenges, focusing on:

  • Goals and dreams
  • Triumphs and challenges
  • Motivation

Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey?

Apply to the new Guinness World Records mentor scheme now, or discover more about our mentors!