France has reclaimed the record for the longest baguette by baking an impressive lengthy bread measuring 140.53 m (461.05 ft).

To help you picture the size, the baguette is longer than an American football field, which measures 109.7 m (360 ft).

The record-breaking event was organized by Municipality of Suresnes, Confédération National de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Française (both France) and Nutella (Italy).

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It beat the previous record of 132.62 m (435 ft 1 in) which was achieved by Croce Rossa Italiana - Comitato della Provincia di Como (Italy) in Como, Italy, on 16 June 2019.

French bakers smile while creating the longest baguette

The attempt took place on 5 May on the Terrasse du Fécheray in Suresnes.

Determined to break the record, a total of 18 bakers from both Suresnes and across France donned their white chef uniforms and started baking the baguette from 3 a.m. 

French mould bread to create the longest baguette

Thanks to the construction of a custom-built moving oven, the baguette was shaped and baked continuously for over 11 hours.

According to Guinness World Records guidelines, the baguette could only be made using flour, water, salt and yeast.

The most challenging part of baking the baguette was to ensure that the bread didn’t break and that it held together in one piece.

Any cracks or breakage and the attempt would have been disqualified.

Adjudicator Joanne Brent with bakers creating the longest baguette

Throughout the day, spectators of the attempt were kept entertained by performances from local talent and a bread-making workshop for children.

Final inspections of the baguette were undertaken by Official Adjudicator Joanne Brent at 4:15 p.m. who confirmed that the attempt was successful.

The result was met with a burst of happiness from both the bakers and the public.

The Guinness World Records certificate was presented to Mayor of Suresnes, Guillaume Body, President of President of Confédération des boulangers, Dominique Anract, and Director of External Relations of Ferrero, Fausto Rotelli.

After the event, parts of the baguette were donated to the Celije association for distribution to people in need and the rest was spread with Nutella and shared with the public.

Guinness World Records certificate presented for the longest baguette

The Mayor of Suresnes said he was "proud" to have witnessed the record-breaking moment and gushed that the record "highlights a national symbol of our gastronomy as well as the craftsmen of the bakers".

They did it! French bakers now hold the record for the longest baguette in the world. A symbol for Nutella, which has been accompanying our toast for 60 years. It is a real pride for Ferrero to have achieved this record alongside those who maintain the inimitable French bakery know-how on a daily basis - Fausto Rotelli, Director of External Relations Ferrero in France.

Image credits: Frédéric Vielcanet CNBPF

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