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This month sees thousands of people across the UK take part in Veganuary, a challenge to adopt a vegan diet for 31 days in a bid to limit people's consumption of animal products.

There is no doubt that the world's appetite for meat-free alternatives is growing. Food producer Finnebrogue Artisan took up the challenge to satisfy the vegan masses by breaking the record for the largest vegan burger.

Finnebrogue Artisan are one of the UK's leading meat producers who have also branched out to include more vegetarian and vegan products in their range.

The food producer wanted to show that meat-free alternative food can be just as tasty as meat while also generally being healthier.

The record was set on 18th November 2021 at their site in Downpatrick, County Down, close to their plant-based food production facility. 

They used their own "Naked Evolution Burger" recipe, which launched last September. 

largest vegan burger bun being placed on top

As part of the record attempt, all ingredients of the burger had to be verified as vegan.

The record-breaking patty is the equivalent of 1,274 "Naked Evolution Burgers" while the condiments and garnishes included:

  • 10 kg tomatoes
  • 4.5 kg lettuce
  • 7 kg cheese
  • 2 kg tobacco onions
  • 5 kg gerkins
  • 5 kg "Naked without the oink rashers"
  • 5 kg "Naked Burger" sauce

largest vegan burger having slice taken out

The patty took almost 9 hours to cook and local bakery Irwins provided the vegan bun. 

A target weight of 100 kg was set on the day and the patty weighed in at almost 40 percent heavier!

During the attempt, ex-Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya was invited to provide upbeat commentary throughout the day and to keep spirits high.

"We were set a target weight of 100kg, but we knew from the outset we wanted to exceed that. The team included representatives from NPD, marketing, and engineering; and together we designed and built everything, including a swing to aid [in] turning the patty during cooking. That was perhaps the most challenging part of the record as we didn't want to break the patty." - Sean Kearney, Finnebrogue Artisan's Innovation Process Manager

As Guinness World Records' guidelines stipulate that the food cannot go to waste, the finished burger was given to the charity The Simon Community to distribute to homeless people. Members of Finnebrogue Artisan also enjoyed some of the burger for lunch.

All of this was witnessed by adjudicator Jack Brockbank to ensure all the guidelines were met. 

Once the record was confirmed, he awarded the Finnebrogue Artisan team their official Guinness World Records certificate.

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