Miniatur Wunderland, the Hamburg-based attraction that is home to the largest model train set and the largest model train set (scale length) has broken yet another record. 

The attraction has been closed for almost a year due to the Coronavirus lockdown, but the time has given the Miniatur Wunderland team the opportunity to create a new world record for the longest melody played by a model train.

On 17th March 2021, the model train performed a compilation of 20 classical pieces over a 211-metre track - making the full melody 2,840 notes long!

A total of 2,840 glasses were placed strategically along the model railway and filled with water to create a ringing tone when hit.


The team at Miniatur Wunderland used iconic classical melodies ranging from Mozart to Vivaldi.

All these songs are well known around the world, so you’re bound to sing along to a few tunes.

The idea was inspired from a video they created last Christmas where an A380 takes off in their miniature Knuffingen Airport with a Santa Claus on the wing with a clapper in his hand.

Santa then strikes the bottles filled with water at various measurements to play the tune of Jingle Bells. This short video went viral and has been viewed over 100 million times.

Miniatur Wunderland airport

This sparked the idea of driving a train through the entire wonderland to play a medley of the world's most famous classical pieces.

The lockdown had given the team an opportunity to make this dream a reality.


"Had there not been a lockdown, we would have thought about the project for a minute and then buried it as impossible," explains Frederik Braun, Founder of Miniatur Wunderland.

Despite these difficult times, the "Wunderlanders" are looking ahead with the entire team on board to attempt the impossible.

"I am incredibly proud of this record title and this beautiful video. But even happier and more important for me personally are the findings of the last few weeks. We were as close as seldom as a team, despite distance rules and spatial distance, and together we achieved something that we thought was impossible. That gives me a lot of courage and anticipation for the next few weeks." - Fredrick Braun, Founder of Miniatur Wunderland

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