Split image showing the tallest tower of cupcakes and a close up of the cupcakes

A new record for the Tallest tower of cupcakes has been set in Chennai, India. Consisting of a staggering 18,818 cupcakes, the huge structure towered above the onlooking crowd at 12.69 m (41 ft 8 in). 

The record was attempted by Preethi Kitchen Appliances and Food Consulate Chennai (both India) to celebrate Preethi Kitchen Appliances’ 40th anniversary. They also wanted the attempt to coincide with India’s New Year celebrations. 


It took place on the ground floor of the Forum Vijaya Mall, one of the largest malls in Chennai, with crowds of shoppers as well as media looking on during the attempt. 

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The attempters created the cake mixture, then baked, iced and decorated the cupcakes on site before placing them on the huge pyramid structure. 


The entirety of the cake batter was mixed using just eight Preeti Zodiac Mixer Grinders, and rows of oven toaster grills were uses to cook the cupcakes. 

Completing the impressive feat took over 42 hours of nearly non-stop work from a dedicated team. 


Each cupcake weighed approximately 70 g, bringing the weight of the cupcakes alone to a hefty 1.4 tonnes. 

A surveyor was on hand to measure the structure, using lasers to triangulate the height. Once the structure was completed, the record was verified by an official Guinness World Records Adjudicator.


As with all food related records, there must be no food waste as a result of the attempt. 

Preethi Kitchen Appliances and Food Consulate Chennai gifted all of the cupcakes to NGO’s, including 10,000 to Kakkum Karangal, an organisation in Chennai that cares for the homeless, from the elderly through to children. 


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