Over 3,000 students join forces to dance through breathtaking TV advert

By Masakazu Senda
Pocari Sweat 6

A TV advert on a breathtaking scale has been aired in Japan place on a sunny day in Tokyo, Japan.

The event, Pocari Gachi-Dance FES, was organized by Japanese beverage brand, Pocari Sweat, in order to create a TV advert for their summer campaign, which broke the Guinness World Records title for Most people dancing simultaneously for a TV commercial (free-to-air), with 3,770 schoolchildren from across Japan taking part.

Since 2016, Pocari Sweat has hosted an online competition where students post their dance move in a bid to be part of a commercial. 

For 2018, the popular beverage brand decided to take an all-inclusive stance and invited students to a massive dance festival which was attended by more than 4,000 students.

Pocari Sweat 8

The event was held on Saturday 9 June at Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo. With thousands of students in school uniform, the atmosphere was akin to a school-wide event. They were also given an opportunity to contribute to a large monument at the centre of the venue, which is actually a mosaic of the brand logo.

Pocari Sweat 9

Under scorching heat, students were divided into groups and practised the dance routine. Despite the difficult choreography, students picked it up with no sweat.

Pocari Sweat 10

While the film crew carried out the final set up, the students formed circles to get their feelings together for the real take.

After a day under a hot sun with a lot of practice, 3,770 students successfully performed the dance simultaneously which was aired for the first time on Friday 6 July.

"I am so happy and thankful that I was able to do something that you can't normally experience in the past month. Big thanks to the dance instructor Snuki, Nanoha, all the staff, as well as my mum and dad!" - @manaayatwins021

After the shoot, many of the students expressed their excitement on SNS - the happy faces shown on these posts show that the Pocari Gachi-Dance FES event not only broke a world record, but also brought young people together, and created wonderful memories of their student life.