It’s often said that dads will do just about anything for their kids – and that includes record breaking.

Fathers from all over South Barrington, Illinois came together earlier this summer to achieve the world’s Longest over and under line at Willow Creek Community Church’s 30th annual DadFest on Sunday 17th June.

Longest over and under line 5

The family fun weekend asked for several participants to come together and play a game which required them to stand one behind another in a line at one arm’s length apart, unwavering as they passed a ball from the person at the front of the line all the way to the last one in the back alternating the pass over and under the person next to them.

Longest over and under line 4

The pressure was on with more than 721 members needed to actively be involved in order to break the record but Willow Creek Community Church achieved a new record with 724.

This attempt used an American football, which is viewed as a “dad sport” in the United States. It fit into the theme as former NFL player Ray Lewis came to speak and meet attendees.

Longest over and under line 3

In addition to becoming record holders, families had the chance to enjoy over 20 food trucks, a campus-wide scavenger hunt, inflatable obstacle courses, as well as a live music and light show.

The Willow Creek Community Church also has the record for the Largest game of catch (baseball/softball), which they accomplished last year with 972 pairs for their 29th annual DadFest.

Longest over and under line 7

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