Orange, chubby, and cynical. Beloved American comic feline Garfield reached 40 years old on Tuesday 19 June.

Although known for his love for pizza and lasagna, Garfield celebrated his birthday in style by setting a new record during a live broadcast in Japan.

During the broadcast, Garfield teamed up with 25 high school students that belong to the 'Garfield Club', which was formed at Japan's largest high-school girls' event, Cinderella fes vol.5, so that he could take on the Guinness World Records title for Most high fives given by a mascot in one minute.


During the practice session, Garfield and his allies quickly find out how difficult it is to do high fives in quick succession. After coming up with a strategy to keep a steady pace, they were ready to take on the official attempt.

Helped by rhythmical calls by students, as well as Garfield's large paw, the team managed a whopping 194 high fives - 66 more than the previous record held by University of Indianapolis and its mascot, Ace. When the official adjudicator announced Garfield's successful attempt, the participants were ecstatic.

This makes it Garfield's second Guinness World Records title; his first was achieved in 2015 when he and Jim Davis held the Most syndicated comic strip - current, appearing in some 2,100 journals in 80 countries.

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