Abeer Medical Group has achieved a Guinness World Records title for the Largest picture mosaic formed by people with the help of 4,500 students from the International Indian School Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The young men were each given a poster to hold above their heads while standing in formation.

Put together, this formed a giant image of the World Diabetes Day, Saudi Vision 2030 and Abeer Medical Group logos which looked impressive from above.

Largest picture mosaic formed by people certificate presentation

Inspired by the Saudi Vision 2030, the healthcare organisation planned the event to raise awareness about health issues related to diabetes and encourage people to make good lifestyle choices such as eating healthy food.

Hoda Khachab officiated the attempt, counting each of the 4,500 participants and ensuring that everyone held up their poster simultaneously for at least one minute.

"We have no words to compliment the dedicated efforts of IISJ team to support a noble cause," said Alungal Mohammed, President of Abeer Medical Group, proudly commenting on the achievement of the school.

"By joining hands with Abeer for a globally appealing event to fight diabetes, IISJ has become an exemplary model for other educational institutions elsewhere."

After the record was confirmed, Alungal announced that Abeer will be offering a free health check-up to all the record breakers involved in the attempt. 

Largest picture mosaic formed by people participants celebrating

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