Largest anamorphic painting on the Peace Dam in South Korea

A huge anamorphic painting symbolising hope and unification has been completed on a South Korean dam located near its northern neighbours.

The 3D-looking painting stretches across 4,775.7 m² (51,405 ft² 28 in²) of concrete on the Peace Dam located on the Bukhan River. The painting covers almost the same surface area as four Olympic-sized swimming pools, and took a team of painters almost two months to complete, finishing on 28 September. 

dam from far away

Artists have created the illusion of a hole framed by a stone arch going through the dam towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (a.k.a North Korea) in which the Bukhan River and surrounding scenery can be glimpsed and is titled "Door to Unification".

dam being painted

The painting was commissioned by the Korea Water Resources Corporation (also known as K-water), both from The Republic of Korea, to symbolise the aspirations of a unified and harmonious Korea, which has been divided since 1945

"The painting embodies the hope and desire of the people of the Republic of Korea for harmony between the divided North Korea and South Korea, and for the shared prosperity, peace, and unification of the two," - Soo Geun Kim, K- Water.

Computer-aided design (CAD) mensuration using GPS was used to determine the area of the painting. Measurement was also taken using GPS, a light wave measuring instrument, and a tape measure.

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