The record for the Longest noodle has been broken after a Chinese food company successfully cooked a single strip measuring a whopping 3,084 m (10,119 ft 1.92 in).

Despite being nearly two miles long, chefs from Xiangnian Food Co. Ltd followed a traditional ramen noodle recipe, just on a larger scale; the ingredients included 40 kg of bread flour, 26.8 litres of water and 0.6 kg of salt.

The attempt took place in Nanyang, Henan with staff spending 17 hours rolling out the enormous noodle.

Longest noodle

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator John Garland helped measure the treat – which took three hours – and announced that the participants had smashed the previous record of 548.7 m (1,800 ft 2 in), achieved in Japan in 2007.

A rule that adds to the difficulty of this record is that challengers are not allowed to join several shorter pieces of noodle together so as part of his checks, John had to ensure the food was prepared as a single item from the dough.

After all the team’s hard work, the noodle was cooked in a garlic, egg and tomato sauce and given to around 400 employees and guests in attendance.

Making the longest noodle

The event was hosted to celebrate the Chinese holiday, Double Ninth Festival, which is also known as Senior’s Day.

Noodles are a symbol of longevity in China so Xiangnian Food Co. invited its employees to take part in the record attempt and bring their elderly relatives and family members along to enjoy the noodle.

Serving up the longest noodle

"We like to eat cakes on birthdays nowadays, but eating long noodles is the most important thing for Chinese. A long noodle is a symbol of long life in Chinese tradition, and the longest noodle record attempt was one way for the company to wish the elderly a long and healthy life," – Lei Xueqian, Head of Marketing, Xiangnian Food Co.