Mercedes-Benz Canada achieves an impressive static electricity record

By Kristen Stephenson
Most balloons suspended by static electricity

In celebration of their new smart fortwo electric drive model, Mercedes-Benz Canada set a buoyant new record using the vehicle for the Most balloons suspended by static electricity. 

A team of employees from Mercedes-Benz Canada and its advertising and media agencies, BBDO and OMD, achieved a new title by using static electricity to hang 415 balloons from a single wall.Most balloons suspended by static electricity 2

In order for the attempt to be considered successful, the balloons needed to be manually inflated with the use of a hand-held pump, and all participants checked to make sure no hair product was assisting the balloons in sticking to the wall. 

Virginie Aubert, Vice President of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Canada, explained the concept behind the bid for record-breaking glory.

"The smart fortwo electric drive is an ideal urban mobility solution for many reasons, including its small stature. To introduce the new model to Canada, we wanted to have some fun and prove that big ideas can come from small packages with an initiative as modern, fun and quirky as the vehicle itself." 

While the attempt took a good amount of planning and several rounds of testing, the final setting took place at a sound stage in Toronto’s west end. 

Most balloons suspended by static electricity 3

This accomplishment marks the first time this record has ever succeeded. 

"As adjudicators, we're called upon to judge, and often marvel, at the living embodiments of human imagination. Mercedes-Benz achieved an electrifying Guinness World Records title, and introduced a new electric vehicle in an ingeniously creative way," - Philip Robertson, Guinness World Records adjudicator.