Australian technology company Aconex Limited wanted to surprise its staff with a Guinness World Records attempt at their global conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Choosing the perfect team-building challenge, 400 employees attempted the Most books toppled in a domino fashion in one hour.

The group filled the ballroom at the Hilton Hotel with thousands of Guinness World Records 2017 books (the new 2018 edition is on sale now).

The first attempt saw 2,360 books fall in a domino fashion, but 140 were discounted as they didn’t topple properly.

However, by this time the staff had become determined to break the record, so they attempted the 60-minute challenge one more time and managed to knock down an impressive 2,500 books – successfully achieving the title.

After the event, all books were donated to local charities and schools.

"We set our sights high in everything we do, so naturally Aconex turned to Guinness World Records to run our team-building event to bring staff collaboration and innovation to the next level, while giving back to the local community and having fun," – Leigh Jasper, CEO of Aconex.
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Most books toppled in a domino fashion in one hour certificate presentation

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