At an event put on by the American Heart Association (AHA), an incredible 700 participants consecutively gave hands-only CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to a dummy model over a period of 12 hours, setting an amazing record for the Most people in a CPR relay.
The successful attempt took place as part of AHA’s Time’s Square CPR awareness event in New York, USA which aimed to raise awareness of CPR while simultaneously training hundreds of people to be able to perform it effectively, and have the ability to save a life if they ever need to.
CPR relay - dog
Guests were able to learn a vital skill while making history by achieving an incredible Guinness World Records title.
Each participant had to perform at least 60 proper chest compressions at 100 beats per minute to “resuscitate” the same mannequin, with no more than 5 seconds in between each participant’s turn.
AHA impressively exceeded the 250 participants they needed in order to set the record because almost 3 times that many performed CPR on the day.
CPR relay - cowboy
Those involved in the relay included people from the emergency services, high profile business execs, media representatives, celebrities, politicians, survivors, lifesavers, members of the general public, and even popular Times Square character the Naked Cowboy, which created a huge buzz around this massive community event and excitement about the educational record-attempt.

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