One thousand, one hundred and thirty Buddhist monks broke the record for the Longest journey walking on flower petals on the fourth Dhammachai Dhutanga pilgrimage, having travelled an incredible 485 km (301.36 miles) on foot across Thailand.

Continuing a tradition that began in 2011, the monks embarked on the 29-day pilgrimage to welcome in the new year, traveling light, eating just one meal a day and remaining in silent tranquillity except for a period of chanting and meditation when they reached each new destination.
Each year supporters gather to sprinkle petals on the monks’ path to welcome them into their hometowns, but this year over a million people helped create the beautiful trail of flowers for the monks to tread on.
To successfully achieve the record, only natural flower petals (fresh or dried) were allowed to be used, the flower carpet had to be dense enough to cover the road where each person walked, and at least one independent witness had to follow the whole attempt to verify that everyone was walking on the petals at all times.
This lengthy religious tour surpassed last year’s, which saw 1,129 Buddhist monks walk 453 km (281.48 miles) and earn the record during the third Dhammachai Dhutanga pilgrimage.
Guinness World Records recently presented the Buddhists with an official certificate in recognition of their remarkable, record-breaking journey.