coca cola memorabila collector jeffery fouke jr close up

The age-old conundrum of Pepsi vs Coke is a no-brainer for this record breaker.

Jeffery S. Fouke Jr (USA) loves Coke so much he’s amassed the largest collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia.

The lean industrial engineer from Oregon, Ohio, owns 5,237 different items, including cans, bottles, clothing, keyrings and figurines.

coca cola memorabilia cans and other things

It all started for Jeffery, now 26, back in 2013 when his parents divorced and he chose a Coca-Cola theme for his bedroom at his mom’s new house.

He told us: “My first few items were purchased from Hobby Lobby, mainly just for decor at the time. As time went on, my mom and I would go to flea markets and antique malls. It was always a fun time to be with her as well as find older Coca-Cola items. 

“As time progressed, I started buying larger collections from marketplace, garage sales, and word of mouth. This exponentially grew my collection. I also received many gifts over the years from friends and family.

coca cola memorabilia bottles and signs

 “Once I got to college, someone asked me ‘Why do you like Coca-Cola so much?’ He made me think harder about it.” 

Looking back, Jeffery says working on his collection helped him cope during his parents’ divorce.

Some of the cans from the summer series that year became the first items he collected and his mom’s Coca-Cola Christmas Village he’d help set up every year as a kid became one of his most prized possessions.

coca cola memorabilia bottles on shelf

Coca-Cola has been the therapy for me and has helped me a lot through the years. It brings a smile to my face anytime I see a billboard, advertisement, or a random Coke picture a friend sends me. - Jeffery

The rarest and oldest items in Jeffery’s collection are two Coca-Cola glass bottles that pre-date the contour bottles first released in 1916.

According to the official Coca-Cola website, it was in April 1915 that the trustees voted to spend up to $500 to develop a distinctive glass bottle for the product.

coca cola memorabilia amber bottle

Glass companies across the US were tasked with developing a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize if by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

Jeffery said: “The bottles I have look like amber beer bottles, the time before Coca-Cola bottle standards.”

As Jeffery’s collection grew and grew it went from being on display solely in his bedroom at his mom’s house to also in a room at his dad’s, and in his sister’s room there too after she moved out.

coca cola memorabilia clothing

He admitted: “I always told myself, once I can no longer display my items, that is when I would no longer continue to buy more items. Around 2020 is when I stopped buying as much but never did stop.”

Jeffery moved home in 2023 and packed up his entire collection, going on to display part of it in one dedicated room in his new place.

While he has no idea how much his entire collection is worth, he estimates he’s spent around $6,000 over the 11 years he’s been collecting.

coca cola memorabilia labels as flag

“I have traded and sold a lot during that time as well, which has helped reduce how much I truly have spent,” he said.

“Collecting Coca-Cola items was my therapy for years. I am glad I chose something to help me along the way. I could have gone down many other paths, but my friends and family supported my slight obsession.

Little did they all know, the emotional and mental help they had on me over the years.

coca cola memorabilia various items on display

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