arnie action figure split image

Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to get to the choppa if he wants to come face-to-face with this gigantic action figure created in his image.

Arnie’s oversized doppelgänger was officially named the largest action figure when it was unveiled at ShowFX in Santa Fe Springs, California, recently.

The action figure is a whopping 6.748 m (22 ft 1.68 in) tall.

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That’s taller than the average giraffe, which stands at around 5.5 m (18 ft), and bigger than the noses of the presidential figures carved into the side of Mount Rushmore, which measure at 6 m (20 ft).

The figure is of Arnie’s character Luke Brunner from Netflix series FUBAR and is a giant version of the 10.4 cm (4.1 in) limited edition action figures Netflix created to celebrate the release of its original series.

arnie action figure billboard

The figure was originally part of a billboard in Vienna, Austria, that was used to promote the show.

And now, it’s been given a record-breaking second lease of life.

arnie action figure stood next to a building

The figure doesn’t just look good, it’s also functional with rotating arms.

Made of plastic, foam and metal, just the front half was made originally for the billboard. ShowFX and Netflix balanced the weight, added internal supports and created a back half of the figure so it could stand on its own as an action figure.

arnie action figure next to giant figures feet

After it was completed, it was 3D scanned and an exact scale model action figure was created by Pablo Perra & Concrete Candy and put on sale.

FUBAR is action star and former bodybuilder Arnie’s first leading role in a TV series. 

Of course, he’s most famous for his roles in the likes of TerminatorConan the Barbarian and The Expendables.

In the Netflix show, which has been renewed for a second season, he plays a CIA operative who discovers his daughter Emma has unknowingly followed in his footsteps.

arnie with the action figure

They’ve been lying to each other for years about what they do for a living but discover they must now team up for a series of dangerous missions.

Arnie’s giant action figure is just his latest taste of record breaking.

arnie action figure with measurements

He also boasts the most films made by a bodybuilder (47 up to 2017), became the youngest Mr Olympia winner at the age of 23 years 65 days, and is the most prolific movie-to-videogame star with 13 (as of 2017) of his movies being turned into licenced videogames.

We’d say this action figure will probably be his last world record, but he’ll be back… he always is.

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