split image of man spouting water

By regurgitating water continuously for 5 min 51.88 sec, a man from China has smashed the record for the longest time to spray water from the mouth.

35-year-old Ma Hui drank 4.5 litres (1.1 US gallons) of water prior to his record attempt.

To achieve this record, water must be spurted or sprayed from the mouth – dribbling is not permitted. As soon as the water stream breaks or stops, the record attempt ends.

The previous record was 56.36 sec, set by Ethiopia’s Kirubel Yilma in 2016.

Hui spouted the water in a more controlled manner than Kirubel, enabling him to do it for over six times as long.

Before Kirubel, the record was held by Ghana’s Dickson Oppong aka “Waterman”. Appearing on various international Guinness World Records TV shows between 2011-14, he broke the record four times with his best effort being 46.86 sec.

Water spouting is a trick which has been performed since the 17th century.

It involves drinking large amounts of liquid (usually water) and regurgitating it using muscle control.

Notable performers include Hadji Ali (1887–1937), Mac Norton aka “The Human Aquarium” (1876–1953) and more recently David Blaine, who formerly held the record for the longest time breath held underwater with a time of 17 min 4.4 sec.

Man spouting water

Speaking to the New York Times as part of their TimesTalks series, Blaine revealed that he spent over 20 years trying to figure out how to regurgitate water before he saw a YouTube video of a Liberian man doing it.

He then spent five years tracking down the man, who turned out to be a 35-year-old security guard named Winston Carter.

“[He] learned how to do it for survival,” Blaine recalled. “Because they were so poor where he grew up and lived in Liberia, so that when they went to the well they could only bring back a certain amount of water. But if he could put the water inside [his stomach] and fill the bucket up he could go back with more.

“I flew there immediately and convinced Winston to show me how to do it. I came back and started playing with this concept that water can be stored in your stomach, you empty out the system, then I realized you can put a gallon of water in your stomach. He could put out fires with it or whatever.”

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