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Fitness fanatic Tim Minnick works as a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Austin, Texas, teaching multiple classes daily.

But what sets Tim apart from every other personal trainer in the world is the fact that he’s in his eighties!

Tim was recognized as the world’s oldest fitness instructor four years ago, and he’s still going strong at the tender age of 81.

Before Tim, the record belonged to 65-year-old Wendy Ida from California.

Tim earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine when he was 73.

He says his job at Gold’s Gym, which he was offered after being rejected by two other gyms, gave him a new lease of life following the death of his wife.

“I wanted to do something that I could feel like I’m making a contribution to somebody,” he said.

oldest fitness instructor leading a class

Tim leads both individual and group sessions. Most of his clients are over the age of 50, with the oldest being 95, although he does train several younger people too.

“It was an easy hire, and I’m glad he walked through the door,” said gym manager Aaron Gillum, who estimates that 15-20% of the gym’s members are over 50.

According to Tim, the fitness level of baby boomers (the generation of people born from around 1946 to 1964) is “not real good”.

He has gained a renewed sense of purpose by helping people of his age rebuild their strength, and because Tim didn’t start his fitness journey until he was older, he feels uniquely equipped to help others who are in a similar position as he was.

oldest fitness instructor doing a squat

“We start losing muscle when we’re 35 years old or so. Unless you act to keep that going, by the time you get to 75, you’re not in good shape,” he explained.

“It’s just like buying an insurance policy, in my opinion. Insurance against failing as you get older.”

One of the people Tim has helped was a cancer patient who’d suffered a stroke and been involved in a serious car accident. He worked with her for over two years to get her to the point where she could stand up from a sitting position.

Being able to help others in this way is one of the main reasons Tim is determined to continue working as a fitness trainer for as long as he physically can.

He tries to eat as healthy a diet as possible, and unlike most of his friends, he doesn’t drink alcohol nor is he on any medication.

Oldest fitness instructor holding GWR certificate

“Here I am this old and people can’t believe I’m not on something,” he said.

“We’ve been gifted with a body that you can’t ever figure out. It’s a miracle that we’re sitting here doing this kind of stuff – our bodies are miraculous.

“So, I want to learn as much as I can. I’m healthy [and] I’m hopeful I can do this for a while longer.

“I’m not gonna stop just because I’m old.”

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