split image of isaac johnson with gwr certificate and isaac johnson fitting an entire apple in his mouth

The requirements for achieving the record title for the largest mouth gape (male) just got a whole lot tougher!

Minnesota resident Isaac Johnson (USA) put his money where his mouth is and proved to the world that he can extend his mouth even BIGGER than he once could.

As Isaac has grown so has his mouth gape, which now measures 10.196 cm (4.014 in) from his top teeth to bottom teeth!

"I have the biggest mouth in the world," said Isaac, who can fit his fist, a full-sized orange, and four stacked McDonald's cheeseburgers into his mouth.


Largest mouth gape (male): 10.196 cm (4.014 in) - Isaac Johnson 🇺🇸

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"My family and friends and I have always known that I have a pretty large mouth," said Isaac.

"In 2015 we realized that it could be a Guinness World Records title, which was pretty crazy to think about because we never thought it would actually lead to anything. It was just like a cool party gag."

Isaac was originally recognized for his massive mouth gape on 15 April 2019 at just 14 years old, after measuring 9.34 cm (3.67 in). 

His achievement was short-lived when Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA resident Phillip Angus took the record title on 5 November 2019, with a mouth gape measuring 9.52 cm (3.75 in). 


Refusing to be defeated, Isaac reclaimed the title on 21 October 2020 by stretching his mouth to a whopping 10.175 cm (4 in). 

That’s equivalent to the size of a baseball!

"I’m very proud to reclaim the title for Guinness World Records’ largest gape," Isaac proudly stated.

"My friends and family were very sad and disappointed when I lost it the first time, so it feels pretty good to take it back."

As if his feat wasn’t already quite the jaw dropper, Isaac broke his own record on 22 February 2022 on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy, when he extended his mouth 0.021 cm (0.008 in) more than his previous attempt.


"It's pretty exciting and a little bit nerve wracking to be on the show," Isaac admitted.

"It's really cool to be in Italy because I haven't been here before and I never thought my mouth would bring me to a foreign country."

Isaac was first inspired to attempt to break the record after seeing Bernd Schmidt from Wendlingen, Germany, open his mouth to 8.8 cm (3.46 in). 

Realizing he could expand his even bigger, Isaac attempted the record, outstretching Bernd by 0.54 cm (0.21 in).

Isaac has since become an instant celebrity with videos of his mouth amassing over 74 million views on Tiktok.

"It feels pretty crazy to me because I never thought I'd have one record in the first place, yet I've broken the same record three times now so it's pretty funny and insane."


Isaac also encourages anyone with dreams of holding a record title to take the plunge. 

"Anybody can be amazing and everyone has a talent," said Isaac.

"If you really want to, go find that talent and go set a record."