super mario world speedrun 0 exit reaction

Matheus Furtado (Brazil), better known as "FURiOUS", completed Super Mario World (1990) 0 Exit in just 41.022 seconds on 11 June 2020 in Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

With this astounding speedrun recorded, he officially broke the Guinness World Records title for the fastest completion of Super Mario World (0 Exit).

This broke the previous record of 41.350 sec set by "SethBling" (USA) on 29 April 2020.

Gaming is one of FURiOUS' lifelong passions. After originally setting the record on 30 January 2017 by completing the game in a speedy 1 minute 30 seconds, FURiOUS broke his own record by an entire 49 seconds. 

FURiOUS began practising "speedruns" in late 2014 after discovering a video of a "runner" named "Dram55" playing Super Mario World for a charity marathon (GDQ). He was surprised to see the technical skills that Dram55 possessed, and to learn that such an intriguing event existed.

Following the discovery of Dram55's Super Mario World video, FURiOUS stumbled across a zealous community of Brazilian speedrunners identifying themselves as "Speedruns Brasil".

The speedrun category allows players to reach the credits in the fastest way possible, without any restrictions in the use of glitches or bugs.

super mario world mario holding shell

This makes it possible to exploit a programming flaw that executes arbitrary code within the game's memory, forcing the game to immediately display the credits screen.

FURiOUS is incredibly passionate about Super Mario World - a videogame that he says marked his childhood and continues to be his favourite. Super Mario World is a platform game developed by Nintendo in 1990.

Before diving into any attempts to break personal or world records, FURiOUS practices offline. In the case of a world record for a speedrun category as optimized as this one, it can take several days to actually break the record live.

For FURiOUS, the hardest part of breaking this record was to place Yoshi in the right spot to spit out the red shells. He says it's necessary to use quick movements and to place the avatar in the perfect position, otherwise the glitch will not work.

Super mario yoshi eating shell

FURiOUS is a software developer by trade, so dealing with glitches and bugs is an ordinary part of his work routine.

"Turning programming flaws in these games into something useful, like shortening a record time, is what inspires me to break records in this kind of speedrun category," he said.

One of the things Furious enjoys most about the game is the determination to overcome difficult stages with a genuine mission, like saving a princess - something that he says he identifies with.

"When it comes speedrunning, I suggest that you pick a game that you enjoy, finish it and casually explore it. After that, analyse existing records and follow the game's community if it has one. They are usually welcoming and experienced runners will be able to assist you in this journey. With plenty of dedication you can eventually become a world record holder."

FURiOUS hopes that people around the world will get to know his story and find the motivation to achieve their own dreams with discipline, practise and passion for what they do.