Nidhish V B split image

His name is Nidhish V B and the V stands for Vengeance!

7-year-old child actor Nidhish, from Tamil Nadu, India, has broken the world record for the most DC characters identified in one minute.

On 19 February 2022, he named 60 characters in 60 seconds, beating the previous record of 53.

Nidhish is an actor and plays a leading role in Tamil-language soap opera Abiyum Nanum, which airs on SUN TV in India.

The rising star realised that he could “easily remember dialogue” and was encouraged by his parents to use his memory skills to break a world record.

As a huge comic book fan, Nidhish was instantly attracted to the title of most DC characters identified in one minute.

Founded in 1937, DC Comics are one of world's largest and oldest comic book companies. For the purposes of this record, a DC character is defined as any character created by DC Comics.

Nidhish began training straight away and spent over two months learning as many denizens of the DC Universe as possible.

Juggling schoolwork and TV shoots every day wasn’t easy, but Nidhish was dedicated to achieving the record and made time every day to practise.

He woke up at 5 a.m. daily in order to visit his trainer Sareefa, who played a vital role in preparing Nidhish for the record attempt. After this early-morning memory masterclass, Nidhish would go to shoot the latest episode of Abiyum Nanum, followed by a full day of school.

Nidhish VB standing next to TV

On the day of the official attempt, Nidhish was confident that his training had prepared him for this moment.

Unlike acting on a TV show, there was no script for Nidhish to follow and there would be no second takes.

Nidhish had to state the full and correct name of each character presented to him on a slideshow, which was randomised just before the beginning of the attempt. At least 100 different characters were required to be included in this slideshow.

According to Nidhish, the biggest challenge he faced was the “swift flashing of the images”. However, the 7-year-old star displayed composure beyond his years and remained unfazed by the rapid slideshow of superheroes and villains.

Nidhish VB in crouched pose wearing batsuit

Nidhish maintained a strong pace throughout the attempt and managed to name one character per second, setting a new record for the most DC characters identified in one minute at 60.

The previous record of 53 was achieved by S. Mohammed Harsath (India) in 2021.

Nidhish was inspired to achieve a Guinness World Records title by his mother, Vijayalakshmi Bhoopathi, who has organized and participated in two record attempts in the past:

Nidhish VB dressed as batman

Despite wearing the Batsuit better than both Robert Pattinson and Christian Bale, Nidhish’s favourite DC character is actually Superman.

“He is strongest of all, he learns from his mistakes and he also has good moral values,” Nidhish said.

Every good superhero story needs a sequel, and this one is no different - Nidhish plans on breaking many more records in the future.

He aims to “break at least 2 records every year” and by doing so he hopes to inspire young children all around the world.