Have you ever heard the expression "fighting like cats and dogs"? 

For decades the two species have been used as an example of opposites who just can't get along.

However, there's nothing but a forever friendship between Sashimi (a 7 years old Bengal cat) and Lollipop (a 5 years old Boston Terrier) from Ontario, Canada. 

They play together, train together and, most surprisingly, scoot around together!

On 19 September 2020, the unlikely pair has broken the record for fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat (pair) with a time of 4.37 seconds, becoming two of the stars of the Guinness World Records 2022 book. 

Having known each other ever since they were a puppy and kitten, between the two blossomed a one-of-a-kind friendship.

Sashimi won’t train with the other cats, preferring Lollipop’s company, while Lollipop won’t share her equipment with any other animal. 

"When Lollipop and Sashimi scoot together in public, the response can only be likened to a media frenzy over a celebrity. People gather! Take videos! They create quite the stir." - Melissa Millett, trainer of Lollipop and Sashimi

Their owner, Melissa Millett, is a 40-year-old professional dog trainer from Ontario. 

She has 8 other dogs, among which we find record-breaking star Jellybean and 3 other cats. 

"Lollipop and Sashimi both enjoyed the scooter alone and it had never occurred to me that they would ride it together," says Melissa, explaining how the pair came up with this trick all by themselves. 

After that, the two became… pawrtners in crime!

One day during practice, Lollipop was working on her scooter riding when Sashimi ran over to try and steal a turn! Sashimi jumped on the scooter first, then Lollipop jumped on and started pushing her. We were shocked!!! They had made up this trick themselves!!! It is now my absolute favourite trick. - Melissa

Lollipop and Sashimi illustrated by Rod Hunt for Guinness World Records
Taking initiative doesn't scare Lollipop: she loves coming up with tricks of her own, and her improv numbers always achieve great success.

Cue here Sashimi, a Bengal cat that Melissa affectionately describes as a diva.

"She loves working, learning new tricks and mental stimulation".

Sashimi loves hiking and is never afraid to challenge her bigger friends. If you’re lucky, you might catch her playing the piano, pushing a shopping cart or of course, riding a scooter.

Melissa adopted Sashimi when she was 10 months old, while Lollipop joined the family when she was 12 weeks old. 

At the time, Melissa had recently lost another dog, Butter, in a car accident: after that painful experience she opened her heart and arms to Lollipop, a well-bred but deaf Boston Terrier puppy.

Melissa knew she would give her a marvellous home and many friends to play with.


According to Melissa, despite the restrictions of this year, Sashimi hasn’t lost her diva attitude: she still enjoys being photographed, hiking and playing with her "fellow" dogs. 

Lollipop kept herself busy with new tricks, games and lots of snooze time, enjoying the comfort of her cosy home.

The self-isolation period also allowed Sashimi and Lollipop to spend more time together, further cementing their bond. 

Last summer we built a custom parkour course for Lollipop and the dogs. We also collected trees and stumps to build all sorts of climbing and hiding places for Sashimi in the catio. We have tried to look at the positive and enjoy projects at home to better their lives and provide mental stimulation. The girls had a great summer even without their usual adventures. -Melissa

The two, with their adoptive brother Jellybean and Melissa, appear in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records book. 

If you look closely, you might see them happily scooting around the cover thanks to Rod Hunt's bespoke illustration. 

Can you spot them? (Hint: look near the hot air balloon!)


But Lollipop and Sashimi aren’t Melissa’s only record-breaking pets. 

Full of life and sharp-witted, Melissa’s 4-year-old dog Jellybean broke two records of his own: 

  • Fastest 5m pushing a basketball by a dog (10.31 seconds)
  • Most bounce passes of a basketball between a human and dog in 30 seconds (21)

Jellybean, just like Lollipop, is deaf. 

The two dogs are ambassadors for adopting deaf or disabled dogs, who are often put to sleep at birth due to the incorrect assumption that they can’t be trained. 

However, with their successes, Jellybean and Lollipop are the proof that the opposite is true! 

Jellybean and Melissa training

These four-legged heroes, with their big hearts and larger-than-life temperaments, represent a magnificent example of what any dog can accomplish if surrounded by love and support. 

All they needed was someone like Melissa to take a chance on them – and she hopes to inspire many other future dog owners to do the same.

To know more about Melissa’s record-breaking family, jump into the amazing world of Guinness World Records 2022.
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