oldest pig in captivity ever split image of patrick holding babyjane and her walking on grass

Guinness World Records are saddened to hear of the passing of Baby Jane, the oldest pig in captivity ever

She died on September 10th at the age of 23 years, 7 months and 9 days in Mundelein, Illinois, USA.

Baby Jane (b. 1 February 1998) had her record verified just a few months earlier on 19 April 2021.

Owners Patrick Cunningham and Stan Coffman (both USA) are heartbroken at the loss but are grateful for the time they had with their remarkable family pet. 

"That’ll do pig, that’ll do." - Patrick and Stan

Their story started in Virginia, where one of Patrick's friends facilitated his adoption of Baby Jane. He brought her home when she was eight weeks old.

The couple have many fond memories with Baby Jane, including her starring in a drag show alongside drag queen Mary Ann Brandt, and various trips around the country in an RV.

 She was a "very well-travelled pig", whose favourite place was Key West, as she loved the beach and having her pictures taken at the southernmost point. 

Patrick driving home from the rescue with Baby Jane in his lap

Baby Jane was described as an "extremely affectionate and empathetic" pig, who enjoyed the creature comforts that living indoors with her family had to offer.

She loved snoozing in cosy blankets and was usually found in Patrick and Stan's bed or on the couch.

Patrick and Stan said that taking care of Baby Jane was a "family affair", and their sons, Justin (12) and Marchese (11) used to muck in to help look after her too.

When the couple started to think about how old Baby Jane was compared to other pigs, they decided to apply for the record for oldest pig in captivity ever, and were delighted when the record was confirmed. 

Patrick and Stanley with Baby Jane in their back garden

With Baby Jane's record, Patrick Stan wanted to educate others about pig care. 

"Our advice to people is to do your own research when it comes to getting a pot-belly pig for a pet. We never would have dreamed we would have a pet living to 23+ years. It’s really a long commitment and they depend on you for everything. You have to be willing to commit the time to them."

They want to dissuade people from purchasing "micro" or "teacup" pigs, as these don't actually exist and will eventually grow into full-sized pigs. 

This misinformation leads to many pigs being given to rescues once they start growing larger than the desired size - like Baby Jane was. 

Baby Jane celebrating her 23rd birthday with the family

Stan and Patrick's love and care contributed greatly to Baby Jane's longevity and ensured she had a safe and happy life. 

The couple have another aged pot-bellied pig, named Lucy, who celebrated her 17th birthday in September. Coming from the same environment as Baby Jane, she may just go on to break this record too.

Header image credit: JPM Photography