Rubik's cubes solved underwater in one breath by man in India

By Dominic Punt
split image of the most Rubik's cubes solved underwater record attempt one of the tank close up on showing the full tank

Illayaram Sekar, from Chennai, India, combined physical endurance with mental skill to achieve a new Guinness World Records title for the most Rubik’s Cubes solved underwater, managing six.

Spending two minutes and 17 seconds underwater without breathing breaks, Illayaram was able to beat the previous record of five Rubik’s cubes solved.

He trained in a special form of yoga meditation called Pranayama to spend extended amounts of time underwater.

Despite practising for this specific record for nearly two years, Illayaram admitted he has never learned how to swim.

The record attempt was performed inside a clear container which was watertight and allowed filming equipment to capture every turn of every cube.

Independent witnesses were in attendance to verify his record attempt.

the water tank with the record holder inside solving Rubik's cubes with three men standing around the tank

“This event was a turning point in my career. Now I’m stronger and ready to do more records,” Illayaram said after the attempt.

“My personal opinion is this underwater category is the most difficult, that’s why I decided to do this first.”

Illayaram first started solving Rubik’s cubes in 2013 during his days at college.

“In my college days, my friends helped me a lot.”

He now works as a Rubik’s cube trainer at different schools across Chennai and wants to attempt more records to inspire his students.

close up of the water tank with the record holder inside solving rubik's cubes

He has already set his sights on more record-breaking feats…

“I’ve started to learn how to ride a unicycle, it’s the next biggest category in cubing and I have a plan to do it next year,”

“I have a plan to break Pyramix cube records and the one handed underwater record too.”

The current record for most Rubik’s cubes solved whilst on a unicycle is 250, set by American Caleb McEvoy in 2018, while the most Pyraminx (Rubik's cubes) solved underwater is 9, achieved by Chinmay Prabhu (India) on 9 December 2018.

“I was inspired by Ashrita Furman (holder of over 200 Guinness World Records titles) and I love the tag line Officially Amazing.”

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