Most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog

Most dogs love a game of fetch but one may love it more than most…

Finley, along with some help from human owner Erin Molloy, set a new record for most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog with 6 at one time.Most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog2

The golden retriever, who joined the Molloy family as a puppy in 2014, loves to swim, play fetch, roll around in the snow during winter and chase animals that wander into the back garden.

Living in Canandaigua, New York, USA, Finley started carrying four tennis balls in his mouth at once when he was around two-years-old and was first spotted with six in 2017.

Most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog3

“My dad would throw him a tennis ball, he’d catch it, drop it, then wait for my dad to throw another. Rather than bringing just one ball back to my dad, he brought back all six! He’s been a ball hoarder for quite some time now!”

Most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog6

Erin applied for the record via our website once she realized the previous record was five balls held in the mouth, set by fellow Golden Retriever Augie in 2003.

Whilst in the process of becoming a record holder, Finley has also gained a large following on his Instagram page and celebrated receiving his award by having a socially-distanced ‘pawty’ with his human neighbours.

Finley's 6th birthday cake was very in theme with his new record title!

“I hope people look at Finley and see pure joy and really understand that he’s the happiest dog. He not only brings joy to his family, but people all over the world.“

Sadly, it seems as though Finley’s record-breaking achievements will conclude here as Erin admitted: “We might just stick to this one, we are one for one with Guinness World Records!”