Getti hula hoop guinness world records

Many people don’t realize the amount of core work and abdominal strength that goes into hula hooping, but record holder Getti Kehayova is demonstrating how to stay fit at home by doing the recreational activity! 

Getti has loved hula hooping since she received her first hoop from her sister at the age of eleven, and grew up training for many different acts in the circus. She is now the record holder for largest hula hoop spun with a measurement of 5.18 m (17 ft 0.25 in) in diameter.

She now has over 30 years of experience and incorporates it into her everyday fitness routine.  

“My daily fitness routine consists of spinning my fitness hula hoop. I am a hula hoop fitness instructor and I teach my classes daily though lately it has been only online. Spinning hula hoops keeps me stay slim, fit and strong. It is an all around great full body workout especially when I hold dumbbells and continue spinning the hula hoop and do dumbbell presses and curls for upper body strength.” 

getti hula 3

Because of the current global climate, Getti has tried to find ways to help others by offering online classes for people to stay active even indoors.  

This includes teaching several classes and ecnouraging others to try a new unique form of exercise like hula hooping!  

“Due to COVID-19 I have continued to stay active with my hula hoop exercises right from my house. I even offer my hula hoop fitness classes online for free! I refuse to charge or profit by offering my classes during these tough times and I want to simply promote the benefits of hula hooping and for everyone to continue to stay active and have fun while doing it.” 

Getti mentions that hula hooping has added benefits aside from just toning the body. It can also improve moods, fight anxiety, help the heart stay healthy, relieve stress, boost blood circulation, and as an added bonus - hooping will improve one’s overall coordination, balance and posture.  

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Now more than ever she hopes to use her record to promote all the feats that can be achieved at home, which is exactly how she obtained her first Guinness World Records title.  

She encourages that the qualities of staying fit at home have substantial overlap with record breaking.  

“You have to be brave. You have to work very hard and be fearless. Anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it.”  

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